Business model


Currently, there are no platforms in the market like Arata. Arata introduces a new way of investing in Locally sourced Anime Contents, auctioning and sales of Game Accessories and Game development.
The platform is free to use in terms of helping to match with the fans, players and collectors in game development, NFTs Market, Anime Content creation and Game Accessories Sales. Arata will charge 2% from all transactions made by buyers and receiving payment parts. By using ARATA Coin transactions will be as low as 0.2% from payer and receiver. Trading and exchanging NTF inside Arata platform will incur 0.1% from each transaction.
Source of revenue
Selling NFTs
Selling Game Gear
Each ARATA Coin transaction within the platform
Trading and exchanging NTFs on the Arata platform
Purchase by FIAT

Growth model

Our user acquisition strategy is built to systematically and sustainably drive users to the platform. It is vitally important to attract and maintain a large user base.
The following section will present the four main pillars of our user acquisition path - Affiliate Programs, Influencer Marketing, Community Angels, and Reward Systems.